Three Kendall County Dudes Beer-Making: A Tale

Zen Nuff Beer-Making Concern was born in early 2021 when Rob, Mike, and Tim’s moderate interest was fueled by a challenge to make a batch of any variety of beer. The challenge was to meet at the appointed time and convincingly sell each other their beers without having ever tasted or tested their recipes.

It’s a long story. More detail to be filled in – later.


  • Rob’s beer, a Raspberry-Infused attempt at a Berliner Weisse won.
  • Tim’s effort to create a simple Pilsner, was really great beer. His overall score suffered due to a vastly oversold opening presentation.
  • Mike’s Hazy IPA was also good drinking. His score suffered because Mike didn’t understand how different Galena Hops are to Cascade.
  • Some other stuff, happened.
  • There was a ten-day period in Late June when Tim, Mike, and Rob each found themselves without jobs to go to.
  • On July 4th, 2021, Zen ‘Nuff was first discussed.
  • This site launched on September 12, 2021.
  • We have a lot of ideas about things we’d like to do. Finding time and money is going to present challenges.
  • We hope to remain Zen ‘Nuff long enough to get things rolling without losing our sanity.
  • In 2050, Mike wants Zen ‘Nuff to be valuable enough he can buy The Chicago White Sox.